The Search for your own authenticity

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Danielle Jorgensen
Danielle Jorgensen

About the instructor

I Hello, my name is Danielle and aligning what you say and do is at the heart of what I do.

With an avid curiosity and hunger for people's unique stories, I am a people connector. Whether listening, pitching, storytelling or enthusiastically networking, I activate energy and fun in myself and others.

Adaptable and resilient, I understand how to leverage my know how to help others build strategy and direction. I have lived and worked extensively within APAC building values based brands and creating strategic direction of global and local companies. In my varied marketing management roles, I focused on impacting dynamic customer bases through developed values and culture and authentic brand actions.

I use insight based approaches to show individuals, teams and companies how to achieve success through recognising and solidifying their original voices and identities. I use my considerable sales and negotiation experience to help connect who you are with both how you pitch and who to reach. I am expert in aligning personal brand with business brand and establishing brand identity. Working with a full range of businesses - listed, multinational, private, not for profit and startups - I have combined this understanding of identity with appropriate business practices to create the foundation for their stories, strategic direction, brand and marketing strategy. I have developed integrated marketing plans, created brand positioning and coached marketing managers to successful campaigns. I have worked with many business owners & individuals to help them understand who they are, what they care about and what their strengths are, enabling them to create their personal brand aligning who they are with what they do. As a TEDx speaker and speaker advisor, I build storytelling and influence capacity in teams and individuals. I have used this expertise in personal branding to develop online courses focused on authenticity. Navigating cultures, sales achievement and public speaking inform my courses on successful networking.

Through this all I continue to have a lust for great things to do and see, places to go and people to meet.

The Search for your Own Authenticity, helping you discover your personal brand.  

Being authentic is about living life to your values. This means what you way and do lines up with what you believe and feel. 

If you know what you stand for and what drives you, you will connect with your audience and community in a far more effective and sustainable way. You will know what story to tell and it gives you a framework in which to make decisions. Using a clear sense of your own identity helps you stay true to yourself - to stay authentic.

It is not enough to say just be yourself.  You need to do the work to discover who YOU are. 

This course teaches you to recognise who you are -  what you value, your strengths and your purpose.  It guides you to use this knowledge to create your own unique brand value and to use this to be authentic and deliberate in your your actions and direction. 

Knowing your authenticity, being true to yourself is key to branding yourself.  

The course is presented in an easy to navigate and digest format, with a mix of video and written content. 

The course covers: 

  • What is important to you in the way you live and work - your values 
  • Understanding what motivates and drive you - your purpose 
  • Self-recognition - identify and articulate what makes you different, which you will learn is crucial in  
  • Your personal manifesto map - a guideline and framework for your brand message 

Expect several hours of content, with downloadable exercises that will help you discover who you are and what you care about that you will use to form the basis for communicating and living your brand in a meaningful way. 

Once you enrol, you will have unrestricted access with no start or finish time. The processes in this work are straightforward but not easy, it requires real self reflection and thought, so you can move through the course at your own pace. 

If you join this course and put in the work, you will create a clear picture of the authentic you. Knowing your motivation, values and unique identity will provide you with the solid foundation to communicate your value and authentic brand in all areas of your life.  

I look forward to hearing how you go! 

Course Contents

35 Videos
1 Text
27 PDFs
16.0 hrs

Course Curriculum